We're the ADHD Resource for San Fernando Valley's...

Teachers and Educators

CHADD of San Fernando Valley exists to improve the lives of people in our community who are impacted by Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 


ADHD is a lifelong neurobiological disorder that impacts brain function in the prefrontal cortex area, resulting in impaired executive function and the potential to decrease life expectancy. Early diagnosis, treatment, education, and peer support have been shown to dramatically improve outcomes. 

We provide local support, education, and advocacy in the form of donation-based monthly education meetings, in-person support groups, online support groups, online education and training, in-person workshops, and resource sharing. As a non-profit, volunteer organization our members come from all walks of life – including parents and caregivers of ADHD children, adults with ADHD, partners of ADHD adults, educators, medical and therapeutic professionals. 

Together, we aim to build a strong ADHD-savvy community in the San Fernando Valley, improving the lives and outcomes of those around us living with the executive function challenges of ADHD.