CHADD and CHADD of San Fernando Valley do not endorse any product, service, publication, medication, or treatment. We exist to provide support, education, and resources to those impacted by ADHD. We often receive requests for local resources here in the San Fernando Valley although we do not endorse specific resources as an organization, we are happy to share this ongoing list of providers and businesses who have been recommended by our individual members. If you would like to recommend a business, please email us.

Member Comment: I highly recommend Dr. Jill if your child has sensory challenges. She is so patient, kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Plus, my son adores her. She worked with my son, easing him into treatment over several visits. In fact, her whole staff are patient and understanding. We went from needing to be in a private room with my son screaming, crying, and turning red ... to now he is able to sit in the big room with the big kids and have cleanings and treatments without any challenges.

Lasky Pediatric Dental Group

Dr. Jill Lasky

Studio City, CA

Mindfull Education

Yulia Rafailova

Tarzana, CA

Specializes in children, working with parents and families to learn to support their children’s executive function needs; located in SFV and makes house calls

Specializes in children with sensory and behavioral challenges, Brea is a stylist, colorist AND a behavioral specialist. She travels to the San Fernando Valley monthly for appointments in-home.

Calming Cuts

Brea Brown

Located in Antelope Valley, but travels to SFV monthly