Understanding ADHD

Speaker Meeting

Our "Understanding ADHD" speaker meeting serves those who are raising, educating, and treating ADHD children and teens as well as ADHD adults. A typical meeting might include parents, grandparents or caregivers of ADHD children, adults with ADHD, partners of adults with ADHD, educators, clinicians, child development specialists, and ADHD professionals. We unite unite to learn, connect, and discuss the challenges and solutions of living with ADHD. Meetings are hosted once per month (August - May). Adults and teens (13+, accompanied by an adult family member) are welcome.  


ADHD Empowerment

Teen Peer Support Group

Our teen groups are intended to be relaxed and accepting environments for ADHDers aged 13 to 18 to connect, share about challenges, learn from one another, set goals, find accountability partners, and develop new strategies and skills to add to their ADHD toolboxes. Parental permission is required to participate. Meetings attendance is limited to teens aged 13 to 18. Meetings are free and facilitated by our teen volunteers who are overseen by an adult ADHD educator / CHADD volunteer.

Young Women's Group (13 - 18 years old)

ADHD teens who identify as female are invited to join peers online to learn, talk, and connect with others who have similar experiences. Register for the group via the "Sign Me Up!" button below in order to receive meeting details. If you have questions, please reach out to our facilitator at Yulia Rafailova at

Young Men's Group (13 - 18 years old)

We are seeking volunteers (parents, teens, educators) to help develop and host a support group for ADHD teens who identify as male. If you're interested, please contact us at


CHADD National Online Support Community

Join CHADD's national online support community to share and contribute 24/7. With two communities -- "Parents & Caregivers" and "Adults with ADHD" -- you're certain to find your tribe.


ADHD Empowerment

Adult Peer Support Group

Adults (18+) with ADHD and those who are undiagnosed, but have executive function challenges, are invited to come together for support in a judgement-free environment. Some of us were diagnosed as children and others only recently. Some choose medication while others cannot or do not. Regardless of our differences, we come together united by our diagnosis, to speak directly with others like us who truly understand the experience of living firsthand with ADHD. During meetings we reflect on and share about the challenges of living with ADHD, set meaningful goals with group encouragement, and work to improve our lives. Between meetings, the group connects via its own private ONLINE group where support can be accessed 24/7 all year long. We are grateful to ADHD advocate Jessica McCabe of How to ADHD for being instrumental in helping our chapter start this group in 2018. 


CHADD of SFV Local Online Support Community

Join our local online support community to share and contribute 24/7. We offer two communities -- "Parents & Caregivers" and "Adults with ADHD". Find support among friends between our face-to-face meetings


Parenting ADHD

Parent Peer Support Group

This group is a safe, supportive, and judgment-free environment for local parents of ADHD children to reflect on and share our parenting challenges and successes, learn from one another, develop new strategies and skills, and discuss local resources. In order to promote a safe environment for sharing, this support group is ONLY open to parents, grandparents, and caregivers of children with ADHD. Meetings are organized and facilitated by parent-volunteers with the support of ADHD professionals. Our members are connected between meetings via a private online support group, available 24/7. Meetings are held the first Monday evening of the month. 


Parent-to- Parent Education Classes

Are you struggling to support your ADHD child, wish you had a better undersanding of ADHD, or want to learn how to best support your child? You're not alone. This program brings together CHADD-certifed ADHD-educators who are themselves parents of ADHD children (and in many cases also have ADHD themselves) to provide unbiased education and training to parents of newly-diagnosed ADHD children. In small group classes or private family sessions, our educators spend time educating parents on ADHD, providing actionable information, and supporting participant's individual challenges and questions.